DayZ zombie horde mode demonstrated with new AI

DayZ zombie horde mode demonstrated with new AI

Run like the wind because these DayZ zombies are super fast and they come in packs.

A new DayZ blog brings players up to speed with the latest developments which also includes a video showing the new infected AI, specifically showing zombie horde “mentality”. In the video below a buinch of undead hear a gunshot then respond to the sound and it all gets rather mental quite quickly. If this happens let’s hope you have your best running shoes on because these guys are fast and there’s a lot of them. Check the video below.

Lead Producer Brian Hicks points out that this is a “very early implementation” of the AI but the design teams are currently working on “sneaking and stealthy tactics” for this new AI system. This will eventually be added to the DayZ experimental servers to test “varied numbers” . There’s is not mention of when this will appear on the test servers so just keep an eye out for future updates.

The update also covers the topic of the multipurpose barrel which sounds dull but they’re going to be quite useful as they can be used for everything from leather tanning to colouring or bleaching clothes. There’s a recent post covering this topic on the development forums with a short video.

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