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DC’s MultiVersus is real, and its reveal trailer pits Batman against Arya Stark

Smash it out.
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The leaks were true. DC’s platform fighter MultiVersus is real, and it got a surprisingly informative reveal trailer today. It’s not simply a teaser; the trailer covers many features and aspects of the game. It spends more than three minutes explaining what’s to come, from characters, to gameplay and online modes. Oh, and it has Batman fighting Arya Stark from Game of Thrones, which is about as mindboggling as you can imagine.

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The MultiVersus reveal trailer is presented by Tony Huynh, game director and co-founder of Player First Games. Huynh talks about what sets MultiVersus apart from other platform brawlers like Smash and Nickelodeon All-Stars Brawl. For the most part, the game leans heavy on co-op play. While there is a single-player mode, the focus is on playing with a friend, utilizing each character to their fullest.


MultiVersus emphasizes teamwork and social play, with an ever-expanding diverse cast of characters that you know and love,” Huynh said in the video.

The game will be free-to-play and based around co-op abilities. MultiVersus two-on-two team battle mode sees you and a partner fighting with one another and offering support. In the video’s example, we see Batman dropping a smoke bomb to conceal the team members. We also see Steven Universe creating a floating shield in front of his ally, Bugs Bunny digging a tunnel that can be used by both players, and Wonder Woman rescuing her friend from a pitfall with her lasso.

Standing out from the crowd

Characters will have their appropriate looks, with stages like the Batcave and Finn and Jake’s tree house. And, unlike in All-Star Brawl, MultiVersus will include voices with the character’s original actors, like Kevin Conroy as Batman, Estelle Fanta Swaray as Garnet, and Jeremy Shada as Finn. George Newbern, who has played Superman since the classic Justice League animated show, is returning to voice the character. It will also include John DiMaggio as Jake and Tara Strong as Harley Quinn. Even Maisie Williams is reprising her role as Arya Stark.

Huynh also talked about the game’s online features. MultiVersus will include cross-play and cross progression support. You can create guilds and challenge other guilds for dominance, and see where your standing is in the leaderboards. Huynh, however, didn’t mention the feature beloved by many competitive players: rollback netcode. However, it probably isn’t ruled out.

MultiVersus‘ goal is best in class online,” Huynh said. “We’re investing a lot into making the most responsive gameplay and netcode in addition to dedicated servers from day one for the life of the game.”

Multiversus Reveal Trailer Batman Arya 2

Finally, Player First Games is planning on a lot of post-launch support. Future updates will include new characters, modes, skins, and yearly events.

MultiVersus is smashing its way onto PC in 2022.

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