Thanks for giving us the creeps, Behaviour Interactive. The new Dead by Daylight video, aptly titled “First Cut” teases us with a new killer in the game. Looks like it’s going to have a Japanese theme — perhaps an Oni or a cursed Samurai. Check out the teaser below.

    Dead by Daylight — The First Cut… is the deepest, but not the last

    As you can see, an Oni mask dominates the screen at first followed by a shot of a man speaking to a bloodied woman. Thanks to various users, we’ve found out that the man’s monologue is as follows:

    There is no point, dear daughter.

    We are born to die.

    The more we wait, the more pain we carry.

    That guy is in the running for “Worst Dad Ever” followed by the “Worst Attempt at a Haiku” award. Dead by Daylight players are surmising that the killer could be an Oni, a Japanese ogre demon, or people who are possessed by said demons. Others also postulate that the killer might be a cursed Samurai. Perhaps it was an ogre demon that cursed him, who knows?

    There are also those who think that we’re getting a bait-and-switch here. The killer won’t be a male figure. Instead, it would be the anguished spirit of the woman, the daughter, who was killed in the teaser. In that way, it could be Kuchisake-Ona — The Slit-mouthed Woman. She asks you if you think she’s pretty, and whatever you answer, you’re probably going to end up dead. Check out the spine-tingling video — preferably with the lights on — to know more about her.

    So yes, we don’t know much about what Behaviour Interactive has in store for Dead by Daylight fans. First Cut just offered us a first glimpse. Is it an Oni, a Samurai, an Oni-cursed Samurai, or the Kuchisake-Ona? We’ll definitely find out more details later on. Oh, and if you’re interested in grabbing Dead by Daylight, it’s currently part of the Humble Spooky Horror Bundle.

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