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Horror and inclusivity don’t often go hand in hand, but Dead by Daylight is seeking to correct that with its first LGBTQ+ character. Fans have sought increased representation within the game, expressing the need to “identify with their favorite characters,” and Dead by Daylight will finally deliver on that front. Players can experience the 11th Tome of the game’s Archives: DEVOTION, which will feature the memories of The Twins and the survivor David King as he “comes to terms with his homosexuality.”

This new archive will come with the expected new collections and outfits, but it will also “mark a new departure for Dead by Daylight, bringing a completely new twist to the narrative direction of the Archives.” David King is a highly popular character, known as one of the most played in the game. King also struggles with his time as a debt collector, with his former positioning bringing pain from all directions.


Coming to terms

The Dead by Daylight developers collaborated with GaymerX, a consultation organization “dedicated to providing best practices for integration of LGBTQIA2+ themes into established games.” The group assisted the Dead by Daylight team in bringing a story “devoid of negative tropes, versus simply checking a box.”

“Representation of diversity in entertainment matters, so it was important for us to take time and to surround ourselves with experts in order to do things properly,” said Dave Richard, creative director, Dead by Daylight. “We’re very humbled that Dead by Daylight has developed into a space where players from various communities around the world feel free to be themselves.”

Archives’ Tome 11: DEVOTION will be available on April 28 with all its new twists and turns. As mentioned, the Archives will also unlock outfits, including the New World Stowaway outfit for The Twins, and the Night on the Town outfit for David King.


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