Dead By Daylight January Update Rings In Quality Of Life Improvements (3)

It appears that murdering your friends in the most gruesome of ways continues to be a great draw for the community of Dead by Daylight. While developer Behaviour Interactive has given the community more to enjoy via new killers and challenges, the team has not forgotten about improving the overall experience. The January developer update for Dead by Daylight details the quality-of-life changes that will make things better for both survivors and killers alike.

After four years of tweaks and additions, the HUD in Dead by Daylight will finally be overhauled. A new layout will hopefully keep things clean and familiar for veterans, while making sure it provides an improved user experience. Now, you will be able to see character portraits, as well as a hook counter. This allows you to know in an instant who’s been hooked, who has not, and who should not be anywhere near a hook.


On the flip side, the killer will also see his or her hook progress. To make things easier to look at, the developer has also added in the ability to scale the UI.

Dead By Daylight January Update Rings In Quality Of Life Improvements (2)

Out with the old

The January update also changes up the survivor animations in Dead by Daylight. Seeing that the game is moving towards a more realistic direction, Behaviour Interactive felt it was fitting that the animation got some updates as well. While the actual movements do not change, the animations can make it feel different.

Matchmaking ratings will also be making a comeback in the near future. Since testing took place last year, the team has been hard at work. A new test will begin later this year, with the full implementation to follow. This will also add ranked rewards. Each month, players will earn Bloodpoints based on the highest rank achieved.

Graphical updates for the Gideon Meat Plant and the Crotus Prenn Asylum are also incoming. Other changes include a tweak to the Clown, as well as traps and more. You can read all about the changes in the full developer update.

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