Dead Cells

Much like the fiery-headed protagonist who keeps on coming back for more, Motion Twin keeps adding new content to Dead Cells. In August, players were treated to the Barrels O’ Fun update, which did pretty much exactly what the name suggests. It added more fun and barrels to the rogue-lite action platformer. According to an announcement from Motion Twin on Steam, the next Dead Cells update will arrive in time for Christmas.

No one has heard anything from the Dead Cells team since the Barrels O’ Fun update because it has recruited some new members. Plus, as with everyone in 2020, Covid-19 likely hindered work and caused a lot of delays. However, a news post on Steam reveals that the Dead Cells Christmas update is nearing completion.


What are we getting for Christmas?

The new update has a load of little gifts that will keep fans of the rogue-lite hacking, slashing, and shooting, their way through the levels for a bit longer. There’s a new weapon, a new mob, a lore room, some new skins, and a new diet option. Motion Twin says there are a few other changes in the works too. However, they are still being tested, so there are no details or confirmations about these yet.

The expected release date for the Christmas update is mid-December. Once that’s wrapped and shipped, Motion Twin says players can expect some even bigger news to be revealed over the next couple of months.

Dead Cells Barrels O' Fun Featured

Dead Cells is a rouge-lite action platformer with Metroidvania-inspired levels and souls-like combat. The lore is uncovered in small bits and needs to be pieced together by the player. Again, much like Dark Souls. There have been numerous DLC updates and the reviews of the game have been overwhelmingly positive. PC players can pick up the base game and the DLCs through Steam.

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