Dead Cells updates are not ‘near the end,’ with the studio promising 2023 to be the ‘most exciting’

Dead Cells 2022 Roadmap Development

Following Dead Cells‘ latest DLC, The Queen and the Sea, developer Motion Twin decided to speak out about a rumor swirling around. Said rumor suggested that the game, which released in 2018, was reaching the end of development. Not so, according to the studio, which paired the news with a new Dead Cells roadmap for 2022. Not only is more content coming to the popular rogue-lite, but the team is promising 2023 to be the “most exciting year in Dead Cells‘ history.”

Fans of Dead Cells should take note. There’s a lot more on the horizon than you’d expect. Item balancing, a new weapon, a Boss Rush, and a whole lot more are getting added to the game in 2022. And then there’s the mystery of what’s in store for Dead Cells‘ future once the year takes a back seat.


The Dead Cells 2022 roadmap shows us what’s happening during the remaining seasons. For summer, the game is getting a new weapon: the panchaku. It’s, well, it’s a frying pan that doubles as a nunchaku — hence the portmanteau. And it looks like a lot of fun, based on the short gif in the blog post. This summer will also see rebalancing on weapons and items, reworks for the legendaries system to “make it more intuitive and interesting,” and a “flame head” outfit.

Dead Cells 2022 Roadmap Development 2

Can’t stop, won’t stop

The Dead Cells roadmap for 2022 also details what’s coming in fall and winter. For the former, there will be a Boss Rush area where you must fight “the bosses on after one and prove your worth.” You earn unlockables as you take down the baddest beasts around. In the winter, Motion Twin has a present for the tree. But like most presents during the holidays, what’s inside is a surprise. The studio is promising something new and will deliver it before Christmas.

In 2023, Motion Twin writes that it will be the “biggest year since the 1.0 launch” for Dead Cells. The team is “thrilled to show you what we’ve been cooking up behind the scenes.” We won’t know for sure what’s getting delivered next year until later.

But yes, Dead Cells isn’t over just yet. In fact, Motion Twin is calling 2022 the “mid-life” of the game.

“We’re not sneaking out at night to get drunk on street corners anymore,” the team writes, “but we’ve still got plenty of life in us before our knees start to give in, so prepare yourselves for more Dead Cells content.”

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