Does Dead Island 2 have a New Game Plus feature? Answered

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Say you finish the main story of Dead Island 2 but still want to squeeze more mileage out of the game. You may feel like tackling the postgame sidequests and other bits of extra content, but alternatively, you may wish to take advantage of a New Game Plus option. Many players would certainly find appeal in tearing through the game again with all of the weapons and upgrades they obtained on their first playthrough. But even though players universally enjoy New Game Plus features, not every title includes one for one reason or another. So that begs the question: can you start New Game Plus after completing Dead Island 2?

Is New Game Plus in Dead Island 2?

As of right now, Dead Island 2 does not allow players to restart the main campaign through New Game Plus. Although the game does incentivize multiple playthroughs thanks to the six selectable characters, you will need to reobtain your weapons and mods all over again.

However, this does not mean that the developers won’t add a New Game Plus mode in a future update. Just yesterday, the streaming channel XboxOn hosted a live stream of Dead Island 2 in which Dead Island 2 design director Adam Duckett joined as a guest star. Throughout the stream, several users in the chat asked Duckett about the possibility of Dead Island 2 receiving a New Game Plus mode.

At one point, another one of the game’s developers joined the chat and addressed these questions, saying that the team is considering adding the mode in. Additionally, they recommended that fans stay tuned to developer Dambuster Studios’ social media channels for future updates.

Although this does not serve as outright confirmation that a New Game Plus will come to Dead Island 2, it does show that the developers have listened to fan feedback. Hopefully, the developers will have the opportunity to satisfy fans’ requests for this feature further down the line.

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