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Just yesterday, publisher Deep Silver uploaded two new Dead Island 2 trailers for fans to sink their teeth into. One of these trailers came in the form of a relatively standard gameplay showcase that provided a glimpse into the central location of HELL-A, essentially the zombie apocalypse version of Los Angeles in Dead Island 2. The second trailer, on the other hand, focused entirely on a rather unusual feature. As it turns out, Dead Island 2 lets players use Alexa to control the game with voice commands. This takes advantage of the new Alexa Game Control functionality that Amazon unveiled during this year’s gamescom.

The Dead Island 2 HELL-A gameplay trailer features quite a few faithful recreations of Los Angeles’s most recognizable locations. All in all, LA still looks relatively vibrant and even somewhat inviting despite all the zombies and explosions everywhere. But of course, this does not mean that players should let their guard down. Fortunately, you can easily wipe out the zombie hordes with an assortment of guns and melee attacks in addition to more unconventional weapons, such as katanas and a set of wolverine claws.

“Alexa, punch the zombie”

On the other hand, the Alexa Game Control trailer contains a relatively lengthy skit starring three Dead Island 2 survivors in the zombie apocalypse. They come across a television screen with Dead Island 2 already booted up, and two of them sit down to play. Meanwhile, the third survivor goes outside and comes across a zombie that he promptly beats up. The exclamations and commands he shouts out inadvertently register as voice commands in the game, leading to confusion from the survivors on the couch.

Deep Silver unveiled both of these trailers as part of the 15-minute Dead Island 2 showcase that aired yesterday. This showcase features many more skits on top of the one in the Alexa trailer, so those who enjoy that sort of thing can feel free to watch it. Dead Island 2 is set to come out on April 28 next year.

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