Dead Island: Epidemic beta sign-ups live

Dead Island: Epidemic

Deep Silver and Bloodline Champions developer Stunlock Studios recently announced Dead Island: Epidemic and it’s not a MOBA – it’s a ZOMBA. Which is kind of the same but with undead.

On the back of Gamescom, they have now launched the sign-up page to beta test the game which involves taking on players and zombies in a battle to control strategic points or even capture the flag.

I’ll admit we’re a little unsure about this one but there’s a real plus point, and that’s the fact that Stunlock Studios are developing the game. Bloodline Champions is a decent PvP arena game which we rather like.

Epidemic is not really a traditional MOBA like DOTA 2, this is closer to Bloodline Champions with fast action gameplay and both PvP and PvE elements.

A lengthy sign-up form is now available if you fancy your chances at being accepted for the beta test.

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