April 20th, 2017

Dead Island Riptide pre-loads on Steam, well sort of

Dead Island Riptide (3)

KOCH and Techland has now opened up the pre-loading for Dead Island: Riptide which is released on 25 April.

There is however snag at the the moment with the pre-load. As soon as it starts it stops right away. There has been no response as to what could be causing the problem just yet, so if you’ve pre-orderded and are trying to get the game loaded onto your PC, you’re just going to have to hang in there until it’s resolved.

A reminder before pre-orders end, anyone that pre-orders also gets the Dead Island Riptide Survival Pack DLC and Dead Island: Game of the Year Edition. Go tthem already? You can pass them on to your mates on Steam.

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