Dead or Alive 5: Last Round has rather expensive DLC

Dead or Alive 5: Last Round has launched, complete with some hilarious – and hilariously expensive – DLC.

I’ve just finished installing the game itself, so I’ll hopefully be putting up some port impressions later tonight, but I can’t let the two DLC sets go unmentioned. Not least because getting the “full” Dead or Alive 5: Last Round experience will apparently cost £116.97, if I’m reading this right.

So, the game itself is currently £26.99 with a 10% discount until 30 June. But maybe you want some extra content! Everyone likes extra content, right? Well, the Halloween Debut Costume Set offers… uh, a lot of confusion, actually. The store page itself reckons it contains 51 costumes (31 Halloween 2014 costumes, plus five costumes for Marie Rose, five for Phase 4, five for Nyotengu, and five for Honoka).

Mousing over it on the New Releases page of Steam gives a different description, though: “See the ladies of DOA soak up some sun in 54 swimsuits and 16 movies.” Wrong description? Possibly. I’m not paying £49.99 to find out, though – and yes, I said £49.99. As in, nearly twice the price of the game itself.

If that’s too much for you, then don’t worry! There’s another DLC pack, too. The Fun Theme set offers 81 costumes, with everything from school uniforms to police costumes and Christmas outfits included. That’ll only cost you £39.99. As in, a lot more than the game itself.

Both DLC packs are on Steam at the moment. I can’t really recommend either of them, because holy shit that pricing is ridiculous.

My port impressions of the game itself will hopefully be up before too long.

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