Dead or Alive 6 will still have breast physics, albeit more realistic

Dead or Alive 6 will still have breast physics, albeit more realistic

When I originally covered the announcement for Dead or Alive 6 on our sister-site Daily Esports, one of the first things I noticed was the community’s reaction to the removal of breast physics. Indeed, when game director Yohei Shimbori mentioned that Dead or Alive 6 would be more realistic and less sexualized, it received a generally positive reaction from fans. Many liked the idea, thinking that no boob jiggling and less sexualized characters show a respectfulness towards women. Others, though, felt that the old fan service was gone. In a way, some fans felt bouncing boobs was one of the key selling points of the franchise.

Dead or Alive 6 — breast physics

Shimbori had to be more precise though. It wasn’t that bouncing boobs would be completely removed — it’s just that they’ll be more realistic. You can see that in action in the video above courtesy of our friends at Dualshockers. In the interview, Shimbori also mentioned that Dead or Alive 6 uses an entirely new, yet-to-be-named engine this time around.

As you can see in slow-mo, the jiggling is, indeed, still there. It’s simply more realistic this time around which is what the team aims to do. After all, physical activities in real life such as jumping, running, and dancing around do cause that effect. It’s not just for women but for men as well.

Team Ninja aims for that realism in the game. This is a means to show that the franchise has matured while also staying true to the mechanics that past games have been known for. Comparing this to previous games where breast physics were highly exaggerated and often distracting, this time around it’s more grounded in reality. We’re not going to see gravity-defying boobs, thankfully. What we do see above is the voluptuous Helena having more noticeable movement whilst the lither and agiler Leifang has less. Breast physics will also be affected by certain attires. For instance, Kasumi’s armored suit is more restrictive when it comes to visible movement.

Dead or Alive 6 will be released for PC, PS4, and Xbox One in 2019. This will be the first time that a main game from the series will be released for PC alongside consoles. Remember, the previous game — Dead or Alive 5 Last Round — was an updated version of the original. Even then it came out for the PC later. As usual, PC Invasion will keep you up to date with more news.


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    • Words of Ivory

      The fact that people are even sitting around discussing “jiggle physics” and spending so much time obsessing over how women are portrayed in the first place tells me that absolutely no maturity is in play here, or that any lessons were actually learned.

      You’re so busy deciding what is good for women that you don’t even listen to what we actually want.

      • Jason Rodriguez

        I think most DOA fans agree that the series has moved on to emphasize an ever-improving gameplay over the years. However, it’s still worth noting that there were those who reacted differently to past news given that the “physics” were what made the game popular in the past, and the fan service had become even more highlighted with spinoffs like the Xtreme series.

        I guess in some ways Team Ninja are trying to find a balance in that while also looking to further refine the series even more and build an even bigger competitive scene for the game. Perhaps as a means to appease every fan of the game with whatever trait it has that they find worth improving on.

      • Evan Lazer

        the only people who really give a shit about breast psyhics are kids us older people could care less

      • windleopard

        I do think they’re at least paying attention to the women turned off by the jiggle physics.