Dead Rising 2 Multiplayer Announced

Capcom has announced that Dead Rising 2 will have multiplayer, and has released a set of screens to go with it.No, really. Truly. Unlike the previous multiplayer “reveal,” which was quickly retracted, we’ve now got a few detailsThe multiplayer focuses around the “Terror is Reality” TV show, which has four members of the public competing to complete “a series of zombie killing challenges” – basically meaning four-player head-to-head online zombie slaughter.Lead character Chuck Greene is apparently one of these contestants, which makes us wonder if that could also hint at the plot of this sequel.Dead Rising 2 is the sequel to Dead Rising (obviously), a divisive 360 title that saw players roaming a zombie-infested shopping mall, snapping photos and slaying the undead with pretty much anything you can imagine. Golf clubs, CDs, toy lightsabers, shotguns, chainsaws, benches, pot plants – almost anything you saw could be used in your zombie genocide.This time around, it looks like Capcom is aiming to fix a few of the things that made Dead Rising such a divisive game. I loved it, but then, it took awhile to get my head around the way it worked.Check out the brand new screenshots below, showing off both multiplayer and single-player aspects of the PC, PS3, and 360 title.