dead rising 3

Yes, I think I could live with this game on PC.

Time for another one of those SteamDB-based stories which usually pan out, but don’t always. The latest might-be-coming-to-PC-maybe-possibly game to show up there is Dead Rising 3. Earlier today this app was going by the name “Walking” and had the Dead Rising 3 logo in the corner.

It was brought to light, as so many things are, by a member of the NeoGaf forums.

Things have changed a bit since then, but you can still find links to the logo and smaller icons that would display in Steam were the game to be released. Now, not everything that appears in SteamDB ends up with an actual Steam release. Publishers like to do weird things sometimes, and plans occasionally change. However, this does appear to indicate that on some level there’s an interest from Capcom in bringing Dead Rising 3 to the PC.

The game has always been presented as an Xbox One exclusive title, but it’s possible that was a timed deal or some other semantics are at work. Both Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off The Record made it to the PC, so there is precedent there.

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