The first Dead Rising game is now listed on Steam, with a release date of 13 September and a price of $20.00 USD. As with the PC version of Dragon’s Dogma earlier in the year, it looks like Dead Rising will be getting a pretty thorough porting treatment.

A couple of graphics settings menu images posted on this NeoGaf thread by a Capcom representative show plenty of performance options with which to play around. Cast your eyes below for one of those menu shots.

On it, you can see support for 144hz displays, 1440p resolution (4K is confirmed by the Steam page too), and Borderless Windowed mode. Anti-Aliasing options will go up to at least MSAAx8 (if your PC can manage it), and it looks like you’ll be able to lock and unlock the frame-rate as you desire. A toggle for motion blur is welcome too.

The Dead Rising Steam page states that the PC version will have “Customizable & rebindable keyboard and mouse settings” as well as “Native Xbox 360/Xbox One and PlayStation DualShock 4 controller support with matching button icons”, and a save system that now boasts five save slots. All very promising stuff.

Here are those menu options (click for larger version).

dead rising pc options

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