Who exactly has the time to craft some life-sized toy soldiers and leave them laying around so Isaac’s new space-buddy John Carver can find them? That’s a question Dead Space 3 may or may not answer, but the creepy toys look as though they’re here to stay.

Mind you, if some of the early previews of the game are anything to go by, Carver may be somewhat losing his mind. In a nod back to brain-scrambling games like Eternal Darkness, it sounds as if co-op players may see different things on their own screens. For example, the player controlling Carver may get attacked by some monsters that only they can see. On Isaac’s screen, the other player will just be firing around madly at thin air.

It’s an idea with a whole lot of potential, as long as the freak-out segments are unpredictable and somewhat random.

Dead Space 3 is coming in February 2013.

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