Dead Space 3 Tries To Be Everything Resident Evil Should Be

Dead Space 3 Tries To Be Everything Resident Evil Should Be

by Menashe

It’s no secret that the survival horror genre is turning towards more action. Sometimes the action outweighs the horror itself. Resident Evil 6 was considered to be one quick-time event after another, full of blockbuster action. Almost as a response to this, games like Amnesia go over to the opposite extreme, trying to be almost entirely about the survival horror.

What about Dead Space? According to the developers, they want to be the perfect balance of horror and action. In other words, the action should complement the horror. In an interview with Joystiq, Chuck Beaver, Dead Space 3’s story producer, spoke about what his aims are for the game:

“We don’t want to ever just be only action. I think survival horror is morphing into something else. We want to own the space of action-horror.” He calls Amnesia- “way over on the horror side,” and says that “Resident Evil has gone more towards the action side.”

His goal for Dead Space 3 is to find a happy medium. If things work the way they should, we can expect a game that satisfies our old-school desire for survival horror. Even if Resident Evil no longer delivers what we’re looking for, Dead Space may have filled the void.

Read Joystiq’s hands-on with the game here.

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And watch a new hands-on preview below.

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