Dead State is a game about zombies. Oh, blimey, I sense your interest fading. Ok, well, it’s also a top-down, turn-based RPG in the classic style; intends to focus just as much as inter-character relationships (ie, whether your team will listen to you) as it does combat; and Brian Mitsoda (Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines) is writing some of it.
There, that should’ve brought your attention back.
According to a fairly lengthy Q&A session at the Dead State forums (which is still ongoing, in fact), a kickstarter campaign and promotional trailer for the title should be appearing in “about a month”. Mitsoda writes that the DoubleBear team has settled on a funding goal which will be “reasonable without leaving us too little breathing room”.
“We’ve got a schedule we’re working on. We’ve done the budget, 99% certain on the tiers, and we know what we want to show off,” he adds.
There are many other questions answered on the thread, such as “will there be zombie animals” (no) and “can my player character get pregnant?” (also no), which you can read through the source link below. Dead State will be released on the PC.

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