Deadly Premonition higher res

Deadly Premonition running at higher res-o-vision.

Deadly Premonition director Hidetaka “Swery65? Suehir has popped up on twitter to offer something of an apology for the rather crap nature of the ‘Director’s Cut’ PC port. “Sorry it is seems to give some unsatisfied. I’m embarrassed that problem give you big disappointment. Anyway, thank you. Please enjoy. I love you all!,” he writes.

That’s all very well, but some sort of indication that the port’s issues might be fixed in the near future might have been nice too.

As we noted yesterday, the game is locked at 720p and seems to offer no graphics options whatsoever. Luckily, Peter “Durante” Thoman (the chap who basically saved Dark Souls on PC) is on the case with this release too.

You can find his initial, unofficial patch offerings over here. It’s early days for the fix, so as he says himself “don’t expect the features / relative stability of recent DSfix versions.” He’s got the title running in higher resolutions, but hasn’t (obviously) tested it throughout the whole game. At the moment, there are known problems with the minimap and teleporting enemy effects.

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