Deathloop: Where to find Harriet and how to defeat her

Deathloop How To Kill Harriet Bump Off Harriet Karl's Bay Morning

Harriet is one of the AEON Visionaries in charge of Blackreef. She also happens to be a little unhinged, preferring to call on her cultists to do her dirty work. Here’s our Deathloop guide to help you bump off Harriet in Karl’s Bay as part of the “Chaos Theory” quest.

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Deathloop AEON Visionary boss guide – How to kill Harriet in Karl’s Bay (Chaos Theory quest)

Unlike most other AEON Visionaries in Deathloop, it seems that Harriet has no plans of traveling to other zones on the island of Blackreef. She’ll simply stay in Karl’s Bay and she’ll only be around during the morning.

To reach her, follow the coast until you reach two hangars. The one that’s closer (Hangar 1) has a few enemies. But, there’s also an adjoining walkway that leads to Hangar 2 where Harriet is.

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Inside Hangar B, you’ll find several Eternalists who’ve joined her cult. Poison gas is also seeping from down below. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Go around the walkways without being detected.
  • Take out the guard at the opposite walkway. There are times when others would detect you, and there are times when no one would see what you just did.
  • Jump across the plane and go through the open window. Because of the laser mines, you’ll probably get damaged or killed (if it’s the latter, that’s fine as long as you have additional Reprise charges).
  • In future runs, you can use the Aether Slab to get past the laser mines. You obtain this power when you kill Egor or as one of Julianna’s random drops.

Deathloop How To Kill Harriet Bump Off Harriet Karl's Bay Morning 1

  • Check the area below the next room to find Harriet and two cultists. You can assassinate her here.
  • Pick up the loot and crouch-walk away because the other cultists will get alarmed. You can press the button to open the shutter door behind you to exit Hangar B.

Rewards for killing Harriet in Deathloop

  • Nexus Slab – Links enemies so they all take damage simultaneously.
  • The Fourpounder (epic hand cannon) – Releases a cloud of toxic gas when bullets hit an enemy (intrinsic perk).

Deathloop How To Kill Harriet Bump Off Harriet Karl's Bay Morning 2

Additional tidbits

  • A document in Harriet’s bedroom tells you about Frank’s obsession with fireworks. This starts “The Ballad of Ramblin’ Frank” questline.
  • If you make it inside Harriet’s area quickly, you can click on a button to your left that raises the winch. This ensures that one of the cultists, Amador, doesn’t die in the morning. The room in his mask emporium in Karl’s Bay will then be unlocked later.
  • For the most part, Harriet will always be the first one that you take out if you want to eliminate all Visionaries in a single day.

Deathloop How To Kill Harriet Bump Off Harriet Karl's Bay Morning 3

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