New Deathloop Gameplay Trailer Reminds Us Of Peak Arkane Studios Design (1)

When you look at the different games that have come out from Arkane Studios, there is an unmistakable style and design ethos. From the Dishonored franchise to Prey, and now the upcoming Deathloop, the Arkane DNA is displayed clear through and through. With May 21 approaching soon, Arkane has shared a new gameplay trailer via Game Informer that shows off Deathloop in its brightest light yet.

If you love yourself some instant traversal and planning out your approach, you are in good company. Just like in Dishonored or Prey, Deathloop provides players with options when it comes to different situations.


Better yet, you can make windows of opportunity for yourself using the blink ability. This allows for rapid traversal to hard-to-reach places and can open up more routes to your target.

With Deathloop‘s premise of a Groundhog’s Day situation, experimenting repeatedly seems to be the way to success. The alternatives presented to the players will figure heavily into that gameplay formula.

New Deathloop Gameplay Trailer Reminds Us Of Peak Arkane Studios Design (2)

Making a killing

In addition to the blinking, the new Deathloop gameplay trailer also highlights some of the game’s weaponry. For those who prefer doing business up close, there is the good old machete. With the speed of Colt involved, it will surely be a fun time cutting down enemies at close range. If you’d much rather do the dirty deeds from afar, you can rely on the PT-6 Spiker. The precision rifle looks fit for a kill at a longer range and that pressure gauge is a nice touch.

The destructive Rapier shotgun also makes an appearance, and is surprisingly good for longer-ranged kills as well. It does require a reload after every shot, so take note. For an even bigger entrance, consider the Strelak 50-50. The huge machine gun makes mincemeat out of the opposition, and it is equally loud as it is deadly.

There are also many other weapons highlighted in the Deathloop gameplay trailer, with the Heritage Gun looking like an interesting choice. Combine these instruments of death with your powers, and you are in for a good time.

Deathloop arrives later this year on May 21.

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