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You’ll unlock the ability to use Residuum for Infusion in Deathloop after beating Wenjie in the Ubiquity quest. This is a very important mechanic, one that truly helps you progress since the game is a first-person shooter with rogue-lite elements. Here’s our Deathloop guide to help you with harvesting Residuum and using the Infusion feature to keep your weapons and Slab powers.

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Deathloop Infusion and Residuum guide – How to keep your weapons and powers

Harvesting Residuum in Deathloop

Normally in Deathloop, you’ll lose all your gear and powers whenever you begin a new daily cycle. But, with the Infusion mechanic unlocked, you’ll be able to keep the ones that you need. Naturally, you’re going to need some Residuum.

Residuum comes from various sources:

  • Glowing objects in an area. These refresh each daily cycle.
  • The energy of the Visionary bosses that you defeat, including Julianna.
  • If Colt dies and you still have Reprise charges, you can return to your “corpse” to reacquire the Residuum that you had on you.
  • If you manage to solve the Updaam glyph puzzle, you can return and reopen the safe each loop to obtain 5,000 Residuum.

Note: You lose all Residuum when you begin a new daily cycle/loop (i.e., when Colt dies for the third time in the same zone or if you advance the clock forward).

Dthlp Res Inf Gd 1

Using Infusion on your weapons and powers in Deathloop

The reason why you’ll want to farm for lots of Residuum is for the Infusion process in Deathloop. You can see this when you check Colt’s loadout screen and click on the “Infuse Gear” button.

Non-infused items and powers have an hourglass icon. They will be lost at each daily cycle/reset. However, you can mouse over them and hold the “Enter” key to infuse the item/power. This will “lock” them down for good, and they’ll always appear in your inventory when you begin each loop.

Deathloop Reprise Infusion Keep Weapons Keep Powers 2a1

This process can be very costly. Low-tier/rarity items require thousands of points already, and high-end ones are more expensive (at times requiring 8,000+ Residuum). As such, you can also hold the “Delete” key to sacrifice that gear. You’ll earn some Residuum in turn.

Ideally, you’ll want to keep the items that you’re comfortable in using, such as the best weapon types that can help you in your campaign. Naturally, you’ll want to infuse golden/legendary weapons as well, like the Constancy Automatic, Sepulchra Breteira, and Strelak Verso. Lastly, make sure that you retain the Slab powers that you loot from Visionary bosses. As long as you have the default version of that skill, any duplicates that you obtain will unlock new upgrades/perks for that ability.

Deathloop Reprise Infusion Keep Weapons Keep Powers 2b1

Deathloop is available via Steam and its official website.

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