Deathloop photo mode

After a very long wait, Arkane Studio’s latest title Deathloop finally has a photo mode. It’s shown off in all its glory in the latest trailer for the game’s third update. With this, players can finally take snapshots of some of the prettier locations in the game. If you’ve always wanted to show off your artistic side when kicking enemies off of rooftops, now you can.

Photo modes aren’t anything new at this point, and most of us can guess how they work. We’ve had photo modes in games for the better part of a decade. So, if you’ve used one before, there’s a chance you’ll know exactly what to expect here. That being said, this is a really cool addition to a game that oozes with style.


A whole new meaning to “killshot”

Deathloop‘s photo mode lets you freeze the game and line up the perfect shot. All you need to do is pause the game and select ‘Photo Mode’ in the menu. If you’ve just defeated and boss and want to snap a picture to commemorate, this is your chance. And if you want to capture the scenic views of Blackreef, you can do that too. You have full control over the camera, as well as several settings like blur, focus, offset, and rotation.

The photo mode also lets you pose Colt and Julianna in various ways. Since the game usually takes place in first person, this makes it much easier to put them in the perfect place. There are also tons of different overlay effects you can add to these images, from simple black and white filters to various stickers and frames.

Deathloop photo mode

The trailer shows off how much fun you can have with the mode, with plenty of the example photos accentuating the silliness of the game. Deathloop is also a very pretty game, so players can use this to show that off too. It certainly looks like a feature-rich photo mode, so it’ll be exciting to see what players come up with.

Deathloop‘s latest update featuring a photo mode is available to download now.

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