Deathtrap snaps open on Early Access

Deathtrap - 01

You can now step into Neocore’s Deathtrap on Steam, but be warned that it still needs some fine tuning.

Deathtrap has just hit Early Access on Steam, and £14.99 is the price of setting it up on your computer. This is Neocore’s bloody tower defence/ARPG hybrid which puts you in the shoes of a hero tasked with defending strongholds that are soon to be overwhelmed by horrors from the depths. Set up traps, improve your abilities, and fend off the horde… or take control of the monsters yourself in a competitive multiplayer mode, bolstered by a map editor and a monster editor that should let you fine-tune the game’s enemies to your liking.

Go have a look at the Deathtrap page on Steam for more information. The full game is tentatively due out in early 2015, but that’s a very approximate date.

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