Decision On Australian R18+ Rating Delayed Once Again

Though the issue has been debated throughout this year, it seems that Australia will now hear a decision on the introduction of an R18+ rating system for videogames in March 2011 at the earliest.
The latest Standing Committee of Attorneys General (SCAG) meeting failed to reach a unanimous decision on the issue. According to R18+ Games Australia, a verdict has been delayed until the next SCAG meeting, due to take place in March next year.
As the same site notes, this could be a troubling development for those hoping to see a decision reached. New South Wales is due to have an election around the same time that the SCAG meeting is scheduled. Should a new Attorney-General be appointed, it could force an even lengthier delay.
At present, Australia’s Office of Film and Literature Classification has a maximum rating of MA15+ for videogames. As a result many games cannot secure a legal release in Australia, while others (like Left 4 Dead 2) are released in heavily censored form.
A public consultation process found overwhelming support for the introduction of an R18+ rating, and the measure has even found favour with former Australian politicians and Catholic Bishops.

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