Konami has officially announced that it will be opening a new studio in London that will be dedicated to keeping the Pro Evolution Soccer franchise “fresh and exciting”.

Recruiting for the studio will kick off this August.

The studio announcement is the biggest indication in many years that Konami hasn’t thrown in the towel in the face of increasingly stiffer opposition from a Fifa series that has seen an incredible resurgence over the past few years.  One of the goals of the new studio will be to “recreate local football culture”.

“The new satellite office will strive to adopt and recreate local football culture that will ensure the long-running series is kept fresh and exciting,” reads the official Konami statement on the studio.

“These are hugely exciting times for the PES series. We are looking for a number of creative people who can help us elevate PES to whole new levels,” said Konami president Shinji Hirano in a seperate statement.

“As part of Konami’s commitment to ensuring PES captures the majesty of European football, we are looking for people to help capture the very essence of the beautiful game and bring it to life.”

Konami will begin its recruitment drive at GDC Europe next month.

Check back soon for our hands-on preview of PES 2013.

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