Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor is an auto-shooter survival game heading to Steam Early Access this year

Deep Rock Galactic Survivor Early Access Enemy Hordes Bullets

If you enjoyed 2020’s Deep Rock Galactic, then you might find something to like about its upcoming follow-up as well. Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor features more of the procedurally generated shooting action that defined the first game, but from a different perspective. Whereas the original Deep Rock Galactic functioned as an FPS, Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor opts for top-down auto-shooting gameplay. Additionally, the game has developer Funday Games at the helm, with the previous developer Ghost Ship Games now serving as the title’s publisher through its new publishing label. Both companies will release Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor on Steam Early Access at some point this year.

Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor will launch in Early Access in 2023

In Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor, you play as a dwarf who arrives on Planet Hoxxes in search of valuable minerals. But of course, Hoxxes houses swarms of hostile aliens, so acquiring these minerals won’t be a walk in the park. Fortunately, you can get a hold of numerous weapons and upgrades that can give you the upper hand against enemy hordes. However, since the game features procedurally generated levels and waves, you will need more than simple rote memorization to stay alive.

Can you reach the end?

At each level, you have to finish various mission objectives before returning to your Drop Pod in one piece. Upon doing so, you can pick your path forward and test your skills through increasingly difficult areas and challenges. Once you overcome these challenges and survive everything thrown your way, you can cash in all the loot that you acquired throughout your expedition.

The Steam page for Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor goes over all the content that players can expect to see once the game arrives on Early Access. This content includes four different playable characters, over 30 weapons, over 10 different kinds of enemies, one to three bosses to fight, and three to five biomes to explore.

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