September 5th, 2017

Defense Grid 2 out now, with PvP and co-op

Defense Grid 2 out now, with PvP and co-op
Defense Grid 2 - 02
You mad fool. That tower should clearly have been positioned one square to the left, and you shouldn’t have upgraded that other tower – you needed the cash to build a different tower over in the bottom right.

Defense Grid 2, the sequel to my favourite tower defence game, is now out – and there’s a launch trailer to prove it. Yes, I know that barely constitutes proof because launch trailers routinely come out weeks before the game, but it’s aptly named this time.

Defense Grid 2 beefs up the grid-based tower-building and alien-blasting with maps that rearrange themselves during play, loads of bonus challenge modes, PvP and co-op multiplayer, a level creation tool, and – naturally – a load of new towers, aliens, and abilities. To me, that sounds like “Defense Grid: The Awakening, only more of it.” And I am all about more Defense Grid: The Awakening.

You can pick up Defense Grid 2 right this second on Steam, where you can either grab the regular edition for £18.49 or the shiny Special Edition (containing a digital artbook and a digital making-of ebook) for £21.99. I will doubtless be grabbing it at some point, but I’m making no promises about a review because I’ve currently got a billion other things to do. Still! We’ll see how it goes.

The Defense Grid 2 launch trailer can be found below.

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