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Defense Grid 2 video talks command shuttles

Defense Grid 2 - 05

The Defense Grid 2 videos are starting to talk about some genuinely new and exciting stuff, like this video about the command shuttle.

The command shuttle is something that’s popped down on every single map, and it serves two purposes. The first is that it allows you to take along a second AI (along with the omnipresent General Fletcher) which will give you some sort of special ability; General Cai will enable the Orbital Laser, while Advisor Zacara offers Tower Overcharge.

The second is that it lets you spend resources to reconfigure the map. You can, for instance, move a few tower build spots around to somewhere a little more useful. This doesn’t give you an in-game map editor or something – from what I’ve seen, you can only “purchase” the movement of tower slots to specific places – but it should offer up a whole new range of strategic possibilities.

Defense Grid 2 is due out on 23 September. You can pre-order now for all sorts of goodies, if that’s your thing.