Defense Grid 2’s Boost Towers look a lot like walls

Defense Grid 2’s Boost Towers look a lot like walls
defense grid 2
If this looks like the same picture I used last week, that’s because shush!

Defense Grid 2‘s video series continues with the introduction of Boost Towers, which… are like walls. Super-walls, I suppose.

The Boost Tower is an inexpensive way to block off the paths and reroute the alien marauders, much like a wall. They can’t shoot – also much like walls – and are entirely stationary. The one advantage they have is that regular shooty towers can be built on top of them! Like walls.

Unlike walls, though, building another tower on top of a Boost Tower gives you the ability to upgrade said tower in a few nifty ways, which is where the “Boost” part comes in. One boost disrupts alien shields and stealth, one increases the tower damage, and one increases that tower’s contribution towards your final score. As such, you can either get some useful power boosts, or you can create a high score which will make your friends accuse you of cheating. And yes, trying to beat the high scores of friends is something I did a lot in the first Defense Grid. I expect to be doing much the same in Defense Grid 2.

Defense Grid 2 is due out this autumn. In case you missed the first part of this introductory video series, you can find that here.

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