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The realities of the quarantine lifestyle means that many fans of tabletop RPGs have been unable to throw the dice with friends. However, Resolution Games may have an option. Demeo, an RPG dungeon crawler tabletop game, well let you smite various goblins and beasties without breaking social distance rules. Demeo is a VR tabletop RPG, and Resolution dropped the first gameplay trailer for it today. And even though I’m not really a tabletop fan, I gotta say, Demeo looks promising.

Of course, the best nights playing tabletop RPGs is when you’re doing it with good friends. The Demeo gameplay trailer offers a taste on what that may be like. Granted, much of it feels quite scripted, but at least it’s not as bad as Ubisoft’s past efforts. The game supports up to four players at once, all of whom represented by floating masks and gloves, standing over a detailed stone dungeon. Each player can choose a role. You and your band have the pick of hunter, assassin, guardian, and sorcerer.


Crawling through the dungeon from the safety of home

As a dungeon, it’s naturally full of enemies to slay and loot to plunder. Goblins and beasts roam around corners, all of which are dealt with by a roll of a massive die that you fling onto the table. The Demeo gameplay trailer shows off some of that action, along with some ability cards.

“Our goal in creating Demeo was to design a shared gaming adventure for friends to become completely immersed in fantasy worlds, where they can step out of their everyday experiences and find a chance to escape the outside world together,” said Tommy Palm, CEO of Resolution Games.

Demeo will support a variety of different VR headsets when it launches. The list includes HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and the Valve Index. The game is coming to PC via Steam later this year. Check out the gameplay trailer for Demeo below.

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