Demigod has been patched.The new pseudo-RTS, developed by Gas Powered Games and published by Stardock, has received a Day Two patch, aimed to bring the game up to “what Demigod would have been like on day 0 […] if the connection server wasn’t getting pounded,” according to Brad Wardell’s official post on the Demigod site.The connection pounding is at least in part a result of the piracy of the game, caused at least partially by GameStop breaking the game’s release date.To quote Wardell, the patch itself changes the following:Connection dialog now allows the host to eject players trying to connect.New NAT Connection Server now isolated so not affected by general server load resulting in much faster, better connectivity.Eliminated check for update on launching the game.CVP calls asynchronous (a server hicup[sic] on our side is a lot less likely to cause users to be disconnected)What this apparently means is that the issues players have had with the multiplayer side of the game should be lessened significantly, although Wardell notes that another update “in the next few days” is likely, “once we can see the effect of the connection server in conditions we consider normal.”We’re hoping to have a review of Demigod up for you soon. If you want to know a bit more about it, then check out our interview with Brad Wardell.

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