Demo playtest for zero-G shooter Boundary to drop during next week’s Steam Next Fest

Boundary demo gun

The multiplayer shooter remains one of the most popular gaming genres on the market, which means players have plenty of options to choose from. But if you have grown tired of the heavy hitters like Halo Infinite or Call of Duty: Vanguard, then perhaps Boundary will provide a refreshing change of pace for you. Developed by Studio Surgical Scalpels, Boundary promises to add a zero-gravity twist to the standard multiplayer shooter formula. If you have any interest in Boundary, a free demo playtest will become available next week as part of the Steam Next Fest event.

Usually, when we think of gravity gimmicks in games, we think of floaty jumps and shifting gravitational pulls. But Boundary sets itself apart in that it offers a true zero-gravity experience. Matches take place outside of a space station, which means that players have complete control over where they can move within the three-dimensional space. As a recent press release describes it, the combat in Boundary somewhat resembles dogfighting, only you control astronauts instead of planes or jets.


There also appears to be familiar game modes. One is your standard team deathmatch. The other, however, looks akin to a zone-capturing mode where you and your allies must hold certain points on a map.

What’s in the demo?

Players who try out the demo will have access to a weapon customization system that grants the freedom to shape playstyles. Additionally, the demo will include several multiplayer maps that take inspiration from “real life industrial technology and space exploration.” The multitude of combat classes, intricate map design, and the aforementioned weapon customization system will shape the course of the “unpredictable and challenging” firefights.

As a reminder, next week’s Steam Next Fest will last from February 21 to February 28, so there’s a limited time to try out the upcoming Boundary demo playtest. Hopefully, the zero-gravity gimmick will be well-executed enough that players will eagerly await what the final release has to offer.

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