Demon Turf Challenges You To Fight Your Way To Becoming Demon Queen (3)

Prepare yourself for a 3D platformer with some attitude. Revealed during the IGN Summer of Gaming event, developers Fabraz is bringing us Demon Turf, a combination of 2D illustrations that are brought to life in a world of 3D environments. Having worked on the critically acclaimed Slime-san, the team is now focused on ensuring Demon Turf hits the same heights or higher.

Demonic ambitions

Players will assume the role of the Beebz, a spunky demon whose only goal is to become the Demon Queen. This requires her to jump, spin, and punch her way across the environments and take over a variety of demon gangs hanging out in the Demon World. Each gang is led by its own unique leader, but all of them answer to the Demon King. When a perfect opportunity like this presents itself to an ambitious, young demon like Beebz, you can be sure she is ready to seize it with both her horns.

Demon Turf Challenges You To Fight Your Way To Becoming Demon Queen (2)

Aside from the interesting story, Demon Turf offers some unique features. Every level that you complete will transform, allowing Beebz to explore and discover new things. From changed environments to new side quests and challenges, there is more to see after every fight. The combat is also physics-driven, allowing players to chain together some truly awesome spins, pushes, and pulls. Purchasable mods, dyes, and even pets spice up the world of Demon Turf even further.

Play your way

The challenge extends to the platforming as well. Judging from the trailer, there is a certain level of skill required to fully enjoy Demon Turf. However, if you find yourself at risks, Demon Turf‘s checkpoint system will come to the rescue. Rather than limiting players to designated checkpoints, you are free to place them wherever you deem fit. Be it before a challenging section or not using them at all, the choice is yours.

Demon Turf Challenges You To Fight Your Way To Becoming Demon Queen (1)

Demon Turf will be coming to both Steam and Epic Games Store, with no release date set just yet.

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