Derrick the Deathfin

Previously a PlayStation Network exclusive, the lovingly papercrafted Derrick the Deathfin is leaping that boundary, Free Willy style, and escaping to the open waters of the PC. It’s available right now from the game’s homepage (for $8 USD,) and is also running a Greenlight campaign to get on Steam.

Derrick is a somewhat stoned-looking, yet still angry tuna. His parents have been murdered and turned into soup by (who else) pesky humans, so now he’s on a consumption rampage of his own through the ocean. He has to eat to live, but also to earn a high score on each of the game’s 32 levels.

Have a watch of this older teaser trailer (for the PSN version) for a look at the excellent paper-n-card artwork. Just one question: how does all that paper stay dry underwater? Hmm. Must be down to Derrick the Deathfin’s superior tuna abilities.

Enter the mind-bending Antichamber on 31 January

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