Destiny 2 Season Of Arrivals All 50 Savathun's Eye Locations Ruinous Effigy Catalyst Guide

The Whisper mission locations

You can start The Whisper mission when you take a look at Io on the Destiny 2 director. You could check out our Whisper of the Worm guide if you need help or if it’s your first time doing this mission.

D2soa Saveye Loc Whisper

1. Entrance – The first Savathun’s Eye is found at the entrance just after you destroy the Taken blight and jump down the crevice.

D2soa Saveye Loc Whisper 1

2. Red sniper room – Make your way past the push blocks area.

D2soa Saveye Loc Whisper 2a

Eventually, you’ll reach the large red room where all the Taken vandal snipers are. The eye is to your left just as you enter.

D2soa Saveye Loc Whisper 2b

3. Green room (center) – The large chamber, dubbed as the “green room” where you needed to do a bit of jumping before has an eye smack dab at the center. It’s also where you’ll find the Taken thrall room for exotic catalyst farming. Maybe you could get some extra Ruinous Effigy kills here if you want.

D2soa Saveye Loc Whisper 3

4. Green room (shortcut) – Turn around looking at the way you came from and you’ll spot a glowstick in a corner. Crouch down and that should take you through the shortcut.

D2soa Saveye Loc Whisper 4a

You’ll find another Savathun’s Eye here.

D2soa Saveye Loc Whisper 4b

5. Oracles – After exiting the green room shortcut, look across the chasm and you’ll find another eye.

D2soa Saveye Loc Whisper 5a

With a bit of jumping at the cliffside, you’ll be able to get close to it.

D2soa Saveye Loc Whisper 5b

Head over to Titan for the next locations.

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Destiny 2: Season of Arrivals – Ruinous Effigy and Missive quest guide

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