Destiny 2 Crown Of Sorrow Raid Guide

Encounter 2: The Bridge/Chasm

The second encounter will follow the same concepts as before: Blessed buff, rotation, crystals. Oh, and it’s also a jumping puzzle, not an actual boss fight.

The objective is to make your way across the chasm by destroying the crystals and having platforms spawn all the way to the next cauldron/ball. Each one that you destroy will save that checkpoint for this part. You don’t need to start all the way at the beginning if you wipe.

Bridge Start

We’ll Cross The Bridge When We Get There

Same as the previous encounter, have your three players stand on the green circle to gain the blessing. The three others remain without the buff.

A large crystal will spawn. To destroy it, you need to stand inside its bubble. Then, there will be three crystals suspended in mid-air. You’ll need at least one blessed and one non-blessed player to destroy all of these crystals.

Hop on the platforms that spawn to destroy the next large crystal (remember to go inside their bubble), and then shoot the next set of three crystals in mid-air. Platforms that’ll take you to the next cauldron will spawn after this. Destroy the purple ball to switch buffs between teammates and to enable this checkpoint.

Bridge Crystals

Keep making your way across by ensuring that there are always blessed and non-blessed teammates destroying the crystals. If your team ends up wiping (and you will if it’s your first time), you’ll restart from the last cauldron that you activated.

When you’re done with this part, you’ll see the chest at the end. Unfortunately, you won’t get powerful drops from here.

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