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Destiny 2 Dares of Eternity guide – Crota boss fight

Let’s talk about the Crota boss fight in the Dares of Eternity activity in Destiny 2. It gets unlocked if you step on the Hive plate at the left. Unfortunately, I’m not exactly sure if it’s triggered based on how many players step on it or whoever steps on a plate first.


As many veterans know, Crota simply can’t be damaged normally. Instead, you’ll want to look for Hive Swords dropped by the Swordbearer Knights. These opponents can be killed rather quickly.

Once you have a sword, just wail away on Crota to make him kneel. This isn’t like The Dark Below DLC’s raid — or strike if you’re feeling like a pro — so you don’t need to overthink your sword combos.

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After the first Crota variant is defeated, three more will spawn. At this stage, things can get hectic since most LFG teams won’t be coordinated. At the very least, try to drop Swordbearer Knights and focus on an Aspect of Crota that others are already attacking. Once all three are dead, Xur and Starhorse will reappear, along with a chest that contains your rewards (i.e., Strange Coins).

Note 1: If this is your first Dares of Eternity clear, then make sure to visit Xur’s Treasure Hoard to obtain rewards and bounties. Likewise, this will unlock exotic quests for the Gjallarhorn and Forerunner.

Note 2: It’s possible to experience a special encounter called the Lightning Round after beating the boss.

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