Destiny 2 Beyond Light Deep Stone Crypt Raid Guide

Deep Stone Crypt’s Sparrow racing and first secret chest

In the next area, you’ll see several pikes. The goal is to use your vehicle to reach the next zone.


However, you have to take note of a debuff called “Frostbite.” This is like “Creeping Darkness” which kills you once you get 10 stacks.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Deep Stone Crypt Raid Guide 1a

You’ll need to reach a section with a circle/shield. This will remove the stacks and allow you to survive.

The idea is to move from one section to another, taking care to avoid spider mines and cliffs.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Deep Stone Crypt Raid Guide 1b

Once you reach the end, there’s a secret chest off to the side just before you enter the door to the next section.

After this, there’s a short “sparrowing section” once more. There’s no more debuff here so you could reach the facility itself. This will have the first encounter.

If you need a video, here’s one from YouTuber Quinas Gaming:

Anyway, let’s go ahead and check out Deep Stone Crypt’s first encounter, Crypt Security.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light is available via Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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