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Destiny and cheese go hand in hand so well, you might as well call the game macaroni. Destiny 2: Forsaken is no different with one such bug. This one makes the challenging group activity in The Dreaming City — the Blind Well — turn into a hilarious autopilot easy-mode. That’s all because of one item — Telesto. Check out the video below courtesy of Reddit user ItsOshie.

Destiny 2: Forsaken bug — the Blind Well cheese

The Blind Well is a horde mode type of activity in Forsaken. It’s reminiscent of Court of Oryx, Archon’s Forge, and Escalation Protocol in past expansions. It’s also fairly challenging, with tiers that ramp up in difficulty. Teams have to clear waves of mobs and maximize the use of the Harmony buff. Every kill adds up to your completion for each wave. You also have to face bullet-sponge and temporarily immune bosses towards the end.

With the cheese though, you’ll only have to worry about the last part. That’s because, according to ItsOshie, it looks like the game thinks that Telesto’s bolt explosions are actual kills. This means shooting nothing but a wall or a pillar will still allow you to clear successive waves. Everyone just relaxes, maybe taking down an add or two, until the team needs to wallop the bosses.

So yes, if ever you’re wondering how to get past multiple Blind Well waves, then worry no more. Just have a couple of players shooting Telesto to save everyone some time. Be forewarned that this will, more than likely, get fixed soon.

For “legit or zero cheese” completions, you can always refer to our full guide to Destiny 2: Forsaken here. Happy farming, Guardians, and don’t forget: Telesto is the best-o.

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