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Nearing the End-game — The Dreaming City

The Dreaming City is one of the most visually stunning locations I have ever seen in any game. I never expected this in Destiny 2, and yet here it is. It’s reminiscent of scenes from The Lord of the Rings or even Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40K due to the Eldar/Elven-design. There are also a lot of secrets to be found here which you can check in our Secrets page.

Destiny 2 Forsaken Dreaming City Intro

Awoken Talisman/Dreaming City Exotic Pursuit

Before you can head to The Dreaming City, you’ll need to complete a few things for the Spider. You’ll be asked to delve deep into the Lost Sectors of the Tangled Shore. The ones that you need are The Empty Tank, Shipyard AWO-43, and Trapper’s Cave. Check out this map from Reddit user Flipguy123.

Once you’ve opened the chests in these Lost Sectors your next task is to kill roughly 300 Taken enemies. The best option is to start the Lake of Shadows Strike in the EDZ. Once you reach the part where you’re crossing broken bridges by a cliffside, just kill enemies and then wipe. You’ll restart back in an earlier spot so just rinse and repeat until you’ve killed enough enemies.

Next up, you’re going to have to do the Ether Ritual public event in Four-Horn Gulch. Whether you finish it normally or trigger heroic mode doesn’t matter so long as you complete it. Check out our guide for Forsaken Public Events for more info.

Finally, you’ll need to help Petra breakthrough The Dreaming City in a couple of missions. Once you’re done, the zone will be unlocked. Be careful though because enemies here are a lot tougher. You’ll want to get some Powerful Gear first and be around 505 to 510+ Power. Check out our page detailing Milestones and Powerful Gear drops.

Destiny 2 Forsaken Dreaming City Petra

The Dreaming City activities

Here are the things you can do in The Dreaming City:

  • Petra Venj bounties — These are fairly straightforward and can be done with a decent group. Petra also sells various items to aid you in your adventures in The Dreaming City, including Rally Flags for the upcoming raid.
  • Public Events — Please refer to our Public Events guide/page.
  • Lost Sectors — There are only a handful of Lost Sectors in The Dreaming City but we’re surmising that they might be related to the Ascendant Challenges
  • Ascendant Challenge and other secrets — Please refer to our Secrets page.
  • The Blind Well

The Blind Well

The Blind Well is the “Horde Mode” type of activity of Forsaken. You’ll need to place a “Charge of Light” to start the event — reminiscent of the Court of Oryx or Archon’s Forge in Destiny 1. You’ll need to place an offering which starts the event.

You’ll need to clear waves of adds while standing in or near a protective bubble which prevents you from losing health. The adds are fairly high level but can still be killed easily with a decent team. You do want to watch out for Screebs (exploding Scorn Dregs).

You’ll generally want to use subclasses which have AoE damage and high burst capabilities. The new Dawnblade super which creates a Well of Radiance is invaluable here. Likewise, the Nightstalker’s old Tether helps immensely.


In later waves in the Blind Well, you’ll encounter Anathema — elite mobs that drop a purple orb on death. These orbs grant “Harmony” which buffs your ability recharge and allows you to damage immune enemies known as Servants of the Plague. The Servants will also drop orbs that grant Harmony.

Once you’ve cleared the waves, you’ll face off against the Blind Well boss for that tier. These bosses start off immune, but once you’ve obtained the Harmony buff you can damage it to break their shields. Once the shield is broken, the rest of the fireteam (even those without Harmony) can damage the bosses.

You will also be able to gain additional Seeds of Light to unlock other Forsaken subclass trees when you complete a Tier 2 Blind Well activity.

The Seed of Light drop is not 100 percent guaranteed so you might have to re-do the Blind Well repeatedly until you can obtain it. Check out the video above for an example of a clear. I did not get the Seed of Light but my teammates did. I was able to obtain in on our next attempt.

Note: I’m currently at 510 Power Level on two of my characters. At the moment, many Destiny 2 players, such as myself, are still exploring and discovering secrets in The Dreaming City. Check back on this article from time to time for future updates, and don’t forget to visit the Destiny subreddit at r/Destinythegame.

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