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Forsaken Public Events

Public Events award a ton of experience points that greatly help you in the leveling process. Naturally, if you trigger their heroic mode you’ll get more exp. Here’s how you can do that:

Cryo-pod (Tangled Shore)

A boss type enemy will jump out of a cryo-pod. After taking enough damage it will electrify the ground. To turn it heroic shoot the circular vents of the cryo-pod when the ground gets electrified. Orbs will drop from these vents which you can pick up and throw at the boss. You’ll need to throw three of these to freeze it and turn the event heroic. You’ll just need to stand in the circle and survive waves of adds until the transmat is complete.

Watch the video below from Mesa Sean:

Glimmer Extraction (Tangled Shore)

It’s one of the most popular Destiny 2 public events, albeit with a twist. Glimmer extraction this time around has various enemy races, be it Hive or Scorn, also dotting the battlefield. To turn this event heroic, simply destroy the little battery that spawns in all three extraction areas. Then, defend the glimmer until the transmat is complete.

Ether Ritual (Tangled Shore, Dreaming City)

Three servitor wrecks are scattered around the area with a larger pod in the center. Yellow bar majors (Chieftains) roam around each wreckage. Killing a Chieftain spawns ether clouds from the wrecks; these clouds slowly float towards the center. You’ll need to destroy the ether clouds from all three wrecks which then turns the event heroic. If you miss even one cloud, the event will still continue but you won’t be able to turn it into its heroic version anymore. This is going to be tough if you’re alone and don’t have the ideal weapons. For best results, use weapons and supers that do AoE damage.

Check out a gameplay video from Sneaky Beaver:

Rift Generator (Dreaming City)

This is one of the most unique and highly complex public events in the game. There’s a Rift Generator at the center which you need to constantly power up with Awoken Orbs that drop from major enemies. To turn the event heroic, you need to kill a Scorn Abomination that spawns a giant blight — which you need to destroy as well. Rinse and repeat this for the next two waves. Once the three Abominations/blights are destroyed, wizards will spawn around the Rift pillar — so yes, kill them as well. Then, surprise, everyone gets teleported to the Ascendant Realm where you need to kill more wizards and then a massive Taken Knight to complete the heroic.

Here’s an example from Fantastical Gamer:

Taken Blight (Dreaming City)

The most hated Destiny 2 public event is back. To turn it heroic, pray that there are no “blueberries” around you that are ruining the event. Just kidding. You’ll want to dip in and out of the mini blights in the area which gives you a “Blight Receding” buff. This will allow you to damage the bigger blight. Keep shooting at it while dipping in and out to eventually spawn a Taken boss.

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