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The Raid — Last Wish

We know very few details about the Last Wish raid. We know that it takes place in The Dreaming City and it involves fighting the Riven (mentioned at the end of the Forsaken campaign). We also know that it will come out on September 14, a full ten days after the expansion launched. Just as well, those who beat it world’s first will get a championship belt in real life from Bungie.

There is however one caveat — you can actually get inside the Last Wish raid right now thanks to a glitch. Check out the video from Ozberk Olcer on how to do it. Ozberk also detailed his experience on Reddit in r/DestinytheGame. There’s even a shorter version from The Quiet Guy which has him spawn in with someone already in the raid and grabbing the chest quickly.

Sadly, it looks as though the items only drop at a lower Power Level. That’s understandable since the raid isn’t even out yet. Still, if you’d like to obtain some weapons or armors that are exclusive to Last Wish — or at least get a lay of the land — then feel free to dive in.

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