Last Wish Raid Destiny 2 Forsaken Entrance

Last Wish Boss Fight #3: Morgeth


  • Kinetic – Scout Rifle; one or two players must use auto rifles for axion darts during the DPS phase
  • Energy – Sniper Rifle or Scout Rifle
  • Power – Whisper of the Worm


  • At least one Hunter as Nightstalker with Orpheus Rig
  • At least one Warlock as Dawnblade using Well of Radiance WITHOUT Lunafaction Boots
  • Titans should preferably choose Sunbreaker for Melting Point and wear Synthoceps

Recommended Power Level: 545+

Morgeth is, perhaps, the easiest boss fight in this entire raid. He’s quite the chump that you can beat him easily in one phase and within three minutes as you can see in our video below:

Taken Strength and Eye of Riven Cleansing

The entire fight hinges on simply picking up orbs that spawn around the map in fixed locations. Doing so will give you “Taken Strength.” You can only have Taken Strength x2. If you get x3, you die.

Eventually, Morgeth freezes a player with Taken Strength x2 (usually the one who got x2 first). The player has to be cleansed using the Eye of Riven relic that drops from unique Taken knights just like the ones in the Shuro Chi fight. Cleansing can be done by pressing the grenade button when you’re holding the Relic.

Once five players have Taken Strength x2, Morgeth will bend over and you can shoot its entire back for massive damage.

Collecting the Taken Strength orbs

Here are the locations for the orbs:

  • The first one always spawns in front of the boss to start the encounter.
  • Two will spawn on the left side — one down below, one just above the staircase. This will happen once more during the same phase.
  • Two will spawn on the right side — one down below, one just above the staircase. This will happen once more during the same phase.
  • One will spawn again in front of the boss.

Here’s how the encounter should play out:

  • Have a player pick up the first orb to start the fight. This player does not pick up anything else until later.
  • One player on the left picks up two orbs; another player on the right side picks up two orbs.
  • One player gets frozen so an assigned player picks up one of the Eye of Riven relics to cleanse.
  • The player who just got cleansed loses their Taken Strength x2, so they can pick up the next two orbs on their side of the map.
  • Another player with no Taken Strength yet picks up the next two orbs as well.
  • A second player gets frozen so someone who does not have Taken Strength will need to cleanse.
  • The last orb spawns in front of the boss, so whoever started the fight picks it up.

DPS Phase

Now you have x10 Taken Strength distributed among your players. Stack up far away from the boss and just snipe it to oblivion. Remember to use Box Breathing for Whisper of the Worm (aim for a couple of seconds before firing) to retain the buffed shots for a prolonged period.

Morgeth will accumulate Taken Strength during the DPS phase. At 50 percent, he will fire axion darts so just have one player with an auto rifle destroy them. If that player calls for help just have one extra fireteam member help them out.

Don’t bother grabbing the extra relic for wipe cancellation — just have everyone shooting. If you did things right, Morgeth will start the DPS phase at 0 to 10 percent strength meaning you have a very long time before he even spawns those axion darts or does the insta-wipe mechanic.

You should be able to kill Morgeth in one phase. Big thanks to BlackOpsUnit115 who joined our team and helped made this encounter a breeze. Rather than spending three hours, Morgeth died in three minutes.


  • You should encounter next to no problems if everything is executed properly. However, do note that this encounter emphasizes speed so those orbs need to be collected as soon as possible.
  • If the orbs are not collected fast enough, Morgeth gains Taken Strength. Each 10 percent is equivalent to around 10 seconds of lost DPS time.
  • If a player dies with Taken Strength, Morgeth gains that percentage as well… so don’t die.
  • While Morgeth spawns a lot of mobs, most of them can be sniped easily. Protect your teammates who are rushing to get the orbs that are further away lest they die.
  • Lunafaction Boots can cause the Warlock’s Well of Radiance to bug the White Nail perk of Whisper of the Worm so don’t equip that armor piece.
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