Last Wish Raid Destiny 2 Forsaken Entrance

Last Wish Boss Fight #4: The Vault


  • Kinetic – anything you’re comfortable with that’s really hard-hitting
  • Energy – Ikelos Shotgun
  • Power – Sleeper Simulant or Tractor Cannon


  • At least one Hunter as Nightstalker with Orpheus Rig
  • At least one Warlock as Dawnblade using Well of Radiance with Lunafaction Boots
  • Titans should preferably choose Sunbreaker with the new super

Recommended Power Level: 550+

The Vault is one of the more complicated encounters in the entire raid. However, once you get a hang of it, things become fairly easy and almost mechanical in nature. It hinges on effective communication among teammates.

There are three plates surrounding the globe. We’ll call these plates 1, 2, and 3 (from left to right as you enter the room). Alternatively, some groups might call these plates as “Trees,” “Stairs,” and “Pillars” respectively so you’ll need to decide with your group what to call these to be on the same page.

Three players need to step on these plates to activate the globe. They will then see three different symbols in order. Here are the types of symbols courtesy of Reddit user TeganGibby:

Last Wish Raid Destiny 2 Forsaken Riven Vault Symbols

  • Plate #1 (left) calls out their middle symbol first. Plate #2 and Plate #3 say if they have that symbol on their panel and what order it’s in (either the leftmost or rightmost). Take note of this.
  • Next, plate #2 (middle) calls out their middle symbol. Plate #1 and Plate #3 then react and mention if they have this symbol and its order in their panel.
  • Plate #3 does not even need to call out their middle symbol to keep the communication simple.
  • The duplicate symbol is “the bad one” which needs to be cleansed. You can do this using the Relic with the grenade button.

Penumbra and Antumbra

While this is going on, a Riven Captain (these dudes are everywhere) will spawn in one of the side rooms. It will drop an Eye of Riven relic once it dies and whoever picks it up gets either the Penumbra or Antumbra buff. The way back to the globe gets locked out and only one side room will be open — that means your teammates need to say whether you need to move clockwise or counter-clockwise depending on which area is available. You’ll need to move fast since you’re on a three-minute timer to get to the end and cleanse the plate.

  • If you have Penumbra, you need to cleanse the plate with the “bad symbol” in its left side panel.
  • If you have Antumbra, you need to cleanse the plate with the “bad symbol” in its right side panel.
  • The team needs to cleanse three plates for each round. There are three rounds in total which means nine plates need to be cleansed.
  • For every round, the Relic holder has to be different for each Riven Captain that gets killed due to the debuff.

Here’s an example of one round:

  • Plate #1 — (Middle symbol) “two fish”
  • Plate #2 — “I have that on my left” — has to be cleansed with Penumbra
  • Plate #2 — (Middle symbol) “bird fly”
  • Plate #3 — “I have that on my right” — has to be cleansed with Antumbra

Just adapt to whichever buff you get from the Riven Captain. Since Plate #3 did not say their middle symbol, by process of elimination — since you already know which two need Penumbra or Antumbra — then the third and final Relic has to be for the other one that wasn’t called out.

You’ll either have two Penumbra/one Antumbra or two Antumbra/one Penumbra — it’s never three of the same thing.

Sword Knights and the rest of the team

During the first plate cleansing, a Sword Knight will spawn. While one teammate is running back to the room, the rest of the team need to kill that Sword Knight immediately. If it sticks its sword in a plate, the team will wipe after a few seconds.

During the second plate cleansing, two Sword Knights appear. For the third part, there will be three of them! So yes, it gets hectic.

Once you’ve cleansed all three plates… it’s not over yet. You’ll need to rinse and repeat two more rounds of that for a total of nine plates that get cleansed. Don’t forget to rotate your Relic holder due to the debuff.

Sword Knight Control

Here are the best supers and weapons to use for Sword Knights:

  • Nightstalkers can tether and stun the Knights, and so can smoke grenades
  • Sunbreakers with the new super can “boop” the Knights into the air
  • Tractor Cannon can partially stun Knights

Check out a sample video of a clear from YouTuber Mtashed:

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