Last Wish Raid Destiny 2 Forsaken Entrance

Last Wish “Boss Fight” #6: Queenswalk Gauntlet


  • Kinetic – anything that can help you clear mobs fast
  • Energy – Ikelos Shotgun
  • Power – Wardcliff Coil


  • Hunters should use Arcstrider with Raiden Flux or Nightstalker with Orpheus Rig
  • Warlocks should use Dawnblade bottom tree
  • Titans should use Sunbreaker with Synthoceps

Recommended Power Level: 555+

I use the term “boss fight” loosely. The Queenswalk Gauntlet isn’t necessarily a fight itself, but it does require some coordination with your fireteam to get through it all.

When you begin, one member of your team will be chosen by Riven. This player will pick up the orb which gives a defensive bubble. Being outside of this bubble gives you the Creeping Darkness debuff which kills you when it stacks to 10. Needless to say, you need to dip in and out of the bubble and clear the way for the orb carrier while making your way safely outside the zone. Weapons such as Wardcliff Coil which can kill half a dozen enemies from one rocket would be beneficial here.

When the orb carrier’s timer runs out, Riven will choose another player so that person has to pick up the orb. The previous carrier disappears and reappears in the Ascendant Realm. They’ll need to clear mobs and gather Taken Strength which will increase the orb carrier’s timer. You can only get up to x2. Just like the Morgeth fight you’ll die if you get x3.

As the remaining team members make their way, they’ll slowly lose more people as the orb’s timer winds down. Eventually, you’ll have more fireteam members inside the Ascendant Realm so keep killing mobs and getting those buffs. When the last fireteam member finally makes their way to the safe zone then the encounter — and yes, the entire raid — is finally over.

Check out the completion below also from Clan Redeem:

Is that all for Destiny 2: Forsaken?

Well no. The Last Wish raid may be over, but with Redeem’s victory, many things have changed. New activities have opened up in The Dreaming City which is available for all players regardless of their raid completion. Check out the new changes here.

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