Destiny 2: How to claim Guardian Games rewards

How to claim Guardian Games rewards

The highly anticipated Guardian Games are back upon us to take away from the galaxy of pain we have all witnessed this season. The pleasant distraction awards players with new weapons, shaders, and much more loot. As you progress through the various challenges, more items become unlocked. Achieving milestones is one thing, but knowing how to claim Guardian Games rewards is another. So ensure you get the most out of this three-week event by claiming all you’re owed.

How to claim Guardian Games rewards

Many of the rewards you receive, such as gear drops and medallions, will simply be awarded after a successful mission. However, the more specific items, such as weapons and the Sparrow, must be claimed from the various podiums around the map.

How to claim Guardian Games rewards

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Behind the medallion drop station are a few extra podiums with torches. These are where the real rewards are kept. Each torch has its own hoops to jump through to achieve success. The top level of torches is achieved by earning enough Platnum medallions.

So, to claim Guardian Games rewards, you must jump behind the Medallion drop and head to the nearest burning torch. Beneath it, you will find a chest with your prize. In addition, you can find the incomplete challenges in your quests tab. Each of them is under the Guardian Games section.

If you manage to achieve the Platnum questline, you will be rewarded will all the tiers on the right side and the platinum trophy.

What rewards are in store?

Finally, there are a few great guns and vehicles available with the Guardian Games; here’s a selection of the best.

  • Taraxippos – This scout rifle delivers some severe damage with its Strand damage and high stability.
  • The Title – This is a slightly underwhelming SMG that can be used well in the right Void players’ hands with a decent god roll.


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