Destiny 2 Beyond Light Prophecy Iron Banner Guide

It’s another weekly reset in Destiny 2: Beyond Light, and we’re looking at new activities for Guardians to complete now that the Prophecy dungeon and the Iron Banner are back. Here’s our guide to help you out.

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Destiny 2: Beyond Light – The return of the Iron Banner and the Prophecy dungeon

If you’re keen on grabbing more pinnacle rewards to level-up your characters in Destiny 2: Beyond Light, then the Prophecy dungeon and the Iron Banner have you covered. The Prophecy dungeon was one of the most lauded parts of Destiny 2: Season of Arrivals. It had some nifty and challenging encounters, as well as a peculiar design that made it memorable (like that “rainbow road” section).

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The encounters themselves emphasized the “light and dark” mechanics, ones that you had to juggle and use in various fights. Anyway, you can start the dungeon by opening the Tower’s map on the destinations panel.

Note: If you’re keen on learning more about these mechanics and encounters, head to our complete Prophecy dungeon guide.

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As for the Iron Banner, this is the first time that the event pops up in Destiny 2: Beyond Light. As usual, there’s a questline that you can complete to obtain armor pieces. The downside is that this is just the Iron Fellowship set from Destiny 2‘s first year. In fact, we won’t see anything new on this front whether it’s armor or weapons. That’s led to a lot of disappointed players.

Anyway, the Iron Banner has four weekly bounties that you can complete, and each one nets you a pinnacle drop:

  • Oath of the Pack – Defeat 100 Guardians while assisted by another teammate.
  • Maneuver Warfare – Defeat 75 Guardians while your team holds bonus advantage. Earn bonus progress during the Hunt (all three zones capped).
  • An Arsenal of Tricks – Defeat 100 Guardians using abilities. Earn bonus progress from super kills or kills versus Guardians with a higher power level.
  • The Rout – Defeat 200 Guardians. Earn bonus progress via kills versus Guardians with a higher power level.

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Iron Banner quest steps

The Iron Banner quest steps outlined below are courtesy of Be reminded that you don’t need to complete all these objectives within the week. You can still do these much later when the Iron Banner’s back in Destiny 2: Beyond Light since the progress will be retained.

Step 1: Shaped by Iron

  • Capture 10x zones.
  • Defeat 30x Guardians.
  • Get 5x Void ability kills.

Step 2: No Games, No Sympathy

  • Capture 20x zones.
  • Get 25x energy weapon kills.
  • Complete 6x Iron Banner matches.

Step 3: Paying Respects

  • Capture 30x zones.
  • Defeat 100x Guardians.
  • Get 20x scout rifle kills.

Step 4: A Tower Rebuilt

  • Capture 40x zones.
  • Get 15x super kills.
  • Get 15x hand cannon kills. Don’t forget to try out the Hawkmoon if you already have it.

Step 5: Raising the Banner

  • Capture 50x zones.
  • Get 10x headshot kills.
  • Complete 15x Iron Banner matches.

Also, on a final note, go ahead and check out Destiny 2‘s companion app via the iOS and Android stores. You should be able to pick up bounties now using the app. That saves you a bit of time since you won’t need to head back to the Tower after some matches just to grab bounties.

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Destiny 2: Beyond Light is available via Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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