Destiny 2 Season Of The Chosen The Presage Locus Of Communion Cheese Dead Man's Tale Exotic Guide

The Locus of Communion boss fight cheese

There’s a slow and steady way to beat the Locus of Communion, and it’s very cheesy too.


Cheesing at the start of the encounter

At the start of the encounter, simply hop on any pipe to avoid the boss’ morningstar slams. You can shoot it until it teleports to the tunnel.

Just clear the mobs normally, then complete the coolant flush sequence.

D2 Soch Prs Locmn Bs 2

Tunnel DPS cheese

What about the DPS in the tunnel? Well, you can use the pipe jutting out of the wall at the far corner of the main room (it’s the area opposite the entrance where you’d usually spawn). Let’s call this the “cheese pipe.”

From the “cheese pipe,” you should have a clear shot at the boss. If you don’t, you can take potshots. Sometimes, it’ll move to a good spot if you shoot it with a primary weapon. You can just switch to your sniper once you see its head pop out.

If it’s really finicky, you can jump down and shoot it with your sniper rifle a couple of times. Quickly jump back up to the main room once it’s lunging toward you.

D2 Soch Prs Locmn Bs 2a

It’s imperative that you get out. Its attacks can two-shot you if you’re not careful (or you could get killed by the Architects if you hit the wall).

As for the mobs that it spawns in the tunnel, some well-placed shots and grenades ought to do the trick.

D2 Soch Prs Locmn Bs 2b

Transitions and more mob spawns

What about the mobs in the main room? Well, these critters can be tricky. You can dash back to the entrance and just play it safe. Be sure to watch out for the screebs and flame pylons.

Towards the end, though, you can stay on the “cheese pipe” indefinitely since only ravagers and screebs would spawn. You can eliminate them before they can even reach you.

D2 Soch Prs Locmn Bs 3a

Anyway, with some patience (and time) you should be able to defeat the Locus of Communion.

All that’s left is to delve deeper into the bowels of the Glykon to get the Dead Man’s Tale exotic scout rifle.

D2 Soch Prs Locmn Bs 3b

Destiny 2: Season of the Chosen is available via Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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